GeriaMed – The Preferred Recovery Care

GeriaMed Stand For Geriatric Medical

GeriaMed Recovery Centre is a rehab and recovery center that helps patients of stroke, orthopedic, deconditioning and geriatric.

In guiding the patients through the recuperation journey, GeriaMed’s professional medical team comprising of Geriatric trained doctors, Occupational - Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapists and nursing team will conduct day-to-day activities including : (1) Recovery and Rehabilitations activities (Physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy), (2) Early Detection of Medical Deterioration (Complications Prevention), (3) Medication Serving by qualified pharmacists (4) Wound Care and last but not least, (5) A-round-the-clock 24 hour recovery care.

Through this process, we help the patients to regain physical functions and ensure they benefit from quality of life upon discharge.